Our mission is to empower people with technology through teaching and facilitating access, enlarging the community of people who give back and teach others.

Contributions to Bridge Foundry allow thousands of volunteers across the world to teach workshops and provide resource to women and others who are underserved in access to technology and tech skills.

Most workshops happen without needing any funds with companies providing space and food for our events. Providing food is an equalizer, making it so people who can’t afford to go out for lunch are not separated from those that can. Meals also provide a comfortable space for informally networking.

Sometimes the only funds that a volunteer organizer needs is $50 to pay a security guard or $500 for a plane ticket to fly a teacher to a new community.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

You will receive a receipt via email after making your donation. If you want a physical receipt or for some reason don’t receive it, or want to follow-up and hear more about our strategy and new initiatives, contact us.

If you would like to volunteer, please let us know how you want to help