people working together on computers

We build bridges.

We empower people with technology through teaching and facilitating access,
enlarging the community of people who give back and teach others.


We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes so that the makers of technology are reflective of our society, because diversity fosters innovation.

We offer free, open source training. Even our expert volunteers learn by teaching.


We partner with underserved communities and create effective environments for learning technical skills. Our successful programs fill an urgent need and create opportunities for leadership.


Hundreds of workshops in dozens of cities around the world have been organized and taught by volunteers.

Our distributed, viral organization has unparalleled potential for growth.

How it works

Everything we do is open source and replicable by volunteers. Our free workshops typically have waitlists, so we encourage anyone to replicate the events and to form new local chapters. There's no need to ask permission if someone wants to create an event to teach other people technical skills. We have curricula for a few languages and plenty of volunteers who will mentor new organizers or volunteer to teach at your event.

We think of new initiatives and events like the old folktale about stone soup. A brave and passionate volunteer wants to diversify their community or create a community that will help them learn a new skill and we help find others who will make that happen or simply provide information about what has worked before and cheer them on!

Get Involved

Volunteer for a workshop near you. See something in our documentation that needs improvement, fork it on github and send a pull request or just dive in and edit the wiki. We need your help!

There is so much to do, so much to learn, and so many people who might benefit from what you know.


Bridge Foundry donations enable workshop planning in advance of sponsorship and also help workshops get started in new geographies