About Bridge Foundry

Bridge Foundry was founded in 2009 as RailsBridge with the vision of serving as an umbrella organization for many projects focused on making technology more accessible to people who are underrepresented in tech. The workshops were a breakout success, including the creation of new organizations focused on other technologies. We felt that a new name for the umbrella organization would help convey its purpose and allow the workshops to thrive under the name for which they are known. In 2012, we renamed the parent organization Bridge Foundry, allowing RailsBridge to focus on Ruby on Rails outreach workshops. We welcomed organization which were inspired by RailsBridge and others to collaborate, sharing resources and solutions.

In the past few years, ClojureBridge, MobileBridge and GoBridge have expanded the viral workshop model increasing diversity in their respective tech communities.

In the US, Bridge Foundry has 501c3 non-profit status, as a program of School Factory. We look forward to future collaboration with the School Factory network of maker spaces and share our curricula and community building experience.

Board Members

Sarah Allen, Bridge Foundry Program Director

Anna Neyzberg, RailsBridge

Katherine Fellows, ClojureBridge

Carlisia Campos, GoBridge

Kinsey Durham, Fundraising and Outreach

Isa Herico, Board Member At-Large

Sarah Mei, Board Member At-Large

Staff Members

Sarah Allen, Bridge Foundry Program Director

Mary F. Jenn, Operations Manager






Please see the RailsBridge site for workshop sponsors.