Community Initiatives All Over the World

Post by Sarah Allen
Bridge Foundry volunteers share skills by creating open source curriculum, at free teaching events and in online mcommunities. Through teaching and organizing, we learn to be leaders, as well as levelling up our own tech skills. Most workshops are organized by independent communities, sometimes by one individual who has been to a workshop at a conference and then decided to create a community where they live.

From its beginnings as RailsBridge, we have grown to include 8 Bridges, which now include ClojureBridge, MobileBridge, GoBridge, ElmBridge, ElixirBridge, ScalaBridge, and RustBridge.

Each bridge focuses on different technologies. Every event connects working software developers and community or industry leaders to people in our communities who are underserved intech, which is actually a majority of the people in our society.

Every event is organized by volunteers with teachers and TAs who range from industry experts to people who know just a little bit more than the students. With technology always changing both teachers and students learn together.

map with dots all over the world

If you are interested in getting invovled or supporting this work, please get in touch!