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Your tax-deductible sponsorship enables Bridge Foundry to sustain the programs that enable thousands of volunteers across the world to teach workshops and provide resources to women and others who are underserved in access to technology and tech skills.

None of our sponsorship levels suit your needs? We appreciate all donations. Please contribute what you can!


(monthly for 3 years or $100,000 donation for a single year)

Your sponsorship will enable us to have dedicated research staff to create high-impact, research-based programs that can be replicated at scale.


(monthly for 3 years or $50,000 donation for a single year)

This level of funding allow us to hire long-term staff to conduct deep research studies and enable us to communicate our findings more broadly.


(monthly for 3 years or $20,000 donation for a single year)

With this amount, we can pay someone to connect our sponsors with volunteers in their communities to host workshops.


(monthly for 3 years or $3,000 donation for a single year)

Just starting out? We want to help you build a culture of inclusion and respect from the beginning.

Your donation helps us keep tools & resource pages updated.

Become a Sponsor

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The fine print: Bridge Foundry takes our students' and volunteers' trust very seriously. Because listing on our website can be considered an endorsement of your company, your company's sponsorship does not guarantee promotion on our website. We further reserve the right to remove your logo from our website if your company is determined not to be inclusive in practice -- but we will work with you on identifying improvements that will enable us to recommend you.