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Code of Conduct

setting a high bar for an effective learning environment

We seek to create a community of software developers that are reflective of the diversity in the general population. To that end, we are dedicated to creating welcoming and friendly learning environments.

All participants agree to the following:

  • Everyone has something to contribute. Everyone deserves access to materials and community that will help them learn. As long as an individual can be respectful and not disruptive to other participants, they deserve to participate.
  • If there is limited space and resources, anyone is welcome to replicate an event, such that more opportunities may be available. All curricula and organizing materials are open source and free. Provided that the organizer and event conform to project guidelines, we will help.
  • A harassment-free experience for everyone is essential. See anti-harassment policy.

Furthermore, workshops and associated “after party” must be safe environments focused on learning.

Clear examples

Below are some clear examples of how to comply with the Code of Conduct

Gray Area

Sometimes it’s not clear. Good conduct requires judgment. There is a gray area between warm and welcoming behavior and unacceptable.

When Things Go Wrong

Participating Organizations

The following organizations are Bridge Foundry projects or partners and agree to the code of conduct above: