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Code of Conduct

setting a high bar for an effective learning environment

What To Do If You Feel Harassed

If it is an emergency, if you are injured, or feel threatened, do not hesitate to call the police (911 in the US). Your safety is always our first priority.

  1. Organizers will identify themselves at the beginning of the event. If you aren’t sure who the organizers are or where to find them, ask any volunteer (usually identified with a star on their name tag).

  2. Report the harassment incident to an organizer, preferably in writing. This report will be kept confidential between organizers and counseling advisors; however, if the organizer feels anyone is in danger, police or security will be notified. The report should include:

    • Identifying information about the person who harassed you
    • The behavior that was in violation of our anti-harassment policy
    • The approximate time of the behavior
    • The circumstances surrounding the incident
    • Other people involved

If you feel another student, volunteer or organizer has been disrespectful, but aren’t sure if it qualifies as harassment, feel free to respond to that person directly, and also alert one of the organizers. We seek to create a safe learning space and people need to know if their behavior inhibits effective learning for other participants. We welcome your participation in this, and respect your privacy if you choose simply to report the incident. When we know about inappropriate behavior we can work with individuals and improve our training to educate our volunteers.